1. I just beat a level on Candy Crush I’ve been stuck on for at least 2 months

    and I am wearing new pajama pants.

    This is living.

  2. Sir Oscar. #herunsmylife #dogsofinstagram 🐾


  3. Teen Mom Update:

    I just got SO emotional watching baby glasses twin use her wheelchair. I have no idea how Leah can handle it all. Mad props girl, mad props.

  4. Humans in New York moment. (at Grand Central Terminal)

  5. It’s FRIDAY! I survived my first week and will drink ALL the 🍷to celebrate. #whereisrebeccablack #newofficeselfie #doilooktan


  6. I am a chronic texter

    which has caused me to ruin every crush because I. CAN. NOT. CONTROL. MYSELF.

    I now haz sadz.

  7. The last couple of weeks have been amazing!

    - left my old job, clients and awesome co-workers

    + finally experienced St. Patty’s Day!

    -/+ reaffirmed I am far too old to day drink or be surrounded by drunken fools

    + spent an awesome day with my best friend, her family and friends

    - ate 3x my weight in pure crap

    + started new job (!) today


  8. "When I’m past the mothers the first thing I’m drawn to is the dollar section. Even though I know it’s going to be there every time I walk into Target it still manages to take me by surprise. But I’m not going to get duped this time, I don’t need yet another stack of brightly colored plastic cups. I’m going to walk on by…. but wait, are those miniature bags of Combos? Perfect for an afternoon snack! And linen lined wicker baskets? I can’t pass up a basket. I just can’t. You can never have too many baskets. Never ever ever. And they’re only a dollar after all. I might as well grab a few polka dot miniature tin buckets as well, you know, to keep pens in or something. Or maybe I’ll give one to a friend I don’t really like as a gift. Why not? They’re only a dollar."

  9. This song was my EVERYTHING as I paged through my Delia’s and Alloy catalog…

  10. GPOYW

    I’ve been living up the slug lyfe this week for exciting reasons (!!!). It’s been great to wake up without an alarm, no set plans and no need to put on pants. Yesterday was a beautiful day. I wandered around town, met a girlfriend for drinks and ended up having an amazing night filled with deep talks, too much wine and a lot of laughing.

    I think back to all the heartbreaks, disappointment and handwork I put in to be at this point. I couldn’t be more happier than I am now. This week has put so much in perspective for me. This time for me has been a long time coming. And I wouldn’t change a single thing that brought me to this point. 


  11. My stomach is gurgling

    and it sounds like a text message being sent. I can’t stop checking my phone.


  12. There is not enough coffee in the world for this day.

  13. Thursday: Work was closed due to major snowstorm.

    Friday: Work was closed due to Holiday. SO.MUCH.SNOW

    Saturday: Other job closed at 6 due to snow. I slid into a snow bank.

    Sunday: Snow. Everywhere.

    Monday: Work was closed due to Holiday. I stared at snow.

    Tuesday: Trekked to work. Snow forced us to close at 1.

    Please stop. PLEASE JUST STOP!

    via realitytvgifs

  14. Snow is struggle for everyone lately. 

  15. Pretty accurate.